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What Senior Care Services are Offered in Boynton Beach, FL?

Senior Care designed specifically to benefit you and your loved one in Boynton Beach, FL

At Comfort Keepers, we are well aware that every senior has unique needs. For this reason, we are pleased to offer a wide array of services. Here is a brief overview of all our service offerings:

Personal Care

Senior care services involve personal and companionship care. Personal care tasks include bathing, grooming, and toileting while companionship care tasks include medication reminders, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and incidental transportation.

24-Hour Care

Seniors with chronic conditions can benefit from 24-hour care. With 24-hour care, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your older loved one is cared for at all times.

Respite Care

In order to prevent caregiver burnout, many family caregivers make the smart decision to opt for respite care or at home care services from Comfort Keepers senior care services. Respite care gives them a break from their caregiving duties so that they can focus on their own health and needs.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are very common among the older population. Since seniors with these conditions require a special type of care and attention, we offer dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

Senior Nutrition

Our senior care services providers make it a top priority to promote healthy, well-balanced meals to senior citizens. Although they can prepare the meals on their own, they often encourage older adults to assist them.

Interactive Caregiving

Interactive Caregiving is a Comfort Keepers senior care services that makes us stand out from other home care agencies. It is designed to stimulate seniors on a physical, mental, social, and emotional level through a variety of activities.

Transitioning Home

Older adults who have just returned home from the hospital often opt for our transitioning home services. The purpose of these services is to help seniors recover faster while reducing their risk of hospital readmission.

End of Life Care

Seniors who are in their last moments of life can benefit from end of life care services. End of life care gives them the time to make the most out of their time left and frees them of daily chores such as grocery shopping and cleaning.

If you believe your senior could benefit from any of these at home care services, we encourage you to contact us today. 


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